How to organise your Gmail Box?

You always find small space in your Gmail Account,this article defines you, how to deal with it.

  • Open side bar where it shows you different  labels ,e.g. “Inbox”, “Chats” etc.
  • Open custom labels and press “Create Label”  if you are not seeing this properly please, try expanding the menu. Create labels for those, who email you  regularly.
  • Now go to Filters & Block Address option and create new Filter there.
  • Add required information and type the name of that person you made a label for Email Address.
  • In the option “Does Not Have” write the word Chat there.
  • Press search button to check the authentication of email address.
  • Click on this option: “Create filter with this search
  • Check the box with the option of “Skip the Inbox”
  • Click on “Apply label” and choose a corresponding name to email address.
  • Check the option  “also apply filter to <number> conversations below
  • Press ” Create Filter”
  • Repeat the same process for all labels.