How to prevent unauthorized Network Access?

This article explains you how to set up Security setting to stop unauthorized access to internet.

First you need to check Password security:

  • Go to “Startup” Button in your PC , open Control Panel and choose “Network and Sharing” from the list of choices.
  • A new screen will appear with “Network and Sharing Center. By clicking on “Manage Wireless Networks” you can easily select your network and now click on Security tab.

Secondly, check your Network Security key and advanced Settings:

Go back to “Network and Sharing Center” select “Advanced Sharing Settings,” and scroll down to “Password Protected Sharing. Select these option :

  • Turn on Password Protected Sharing
  • Turn on Network discovery
  • Turn on File & Printer sharing 

Now go for Windows Firewall Protection and Make sure that Windows firewall state is on and that all incoming connections are blocked.