How to setup office-365 email in Outlook?

Go to Control Panel and click on Mail option there.

  • Click on View By option to see clearly Email icon and open Email Accounts and click on New.
  • Now go to next option, Manual setup or additional server type and press Next. Choose Microsoft Exchange Server there and click Next. Fill out the following corresponding fields : Server: and add User Name. 
  • Now go to Security Tab and uncheck the Encryption Option and select Anonymous Authentication. In the same screen,open  connection And check the box and choose Exchange Proxy Setting.
  • Use this URL: For proxy setting. also add ” “in Only connect to proxy servers field. Check both box with On fast networks, and On slow networks and choose Basic authentication and press ok.
  • A new small screen will be open for you,so go to Connections and press OK.
  • Another small screen will appear, add User Name and Server to Add Account there.
  • Now you can open your Outlook account easily.