How to use Email to SMS Service?

Please follow the instructions below to add your e-mail account [From Email
Address] to the approved list:

1- Login to QSMS.COM.AU with
your username and password.

2- In the “My Account” page you can see your “Email to SMS” icon.

3- Open Email to SMS settings page.

4- Add your email [From Email Address] in the email textbox and save your
settings or register your mobile number where you want to receive SMS.

How Email2SMS works:

Option 1: Using Registered “From” Email

You can send an email in the format recipient`s mobile (ie with your “Username” in the subject line, and the body
of the email containing 160 characters of SMS Text message, more than 160 will
be ignored. Our server receives the E-mail, authenticates the User, extracts the
recipient`s mobile number, the message and then sends out the SMS Text message
to all the intended recipients.

Option 2: Using
Registered “Mobile Number”

If you have registered your mobile number then you can use any email system to
send email to without username in subject.

Example of Email:

Destination E-mail address:,

Subject: Username

Body of the E-mail: Testing Email2SMS feature provided by

specify the country code before the mobile number without any starting + or
zeros. For example,

AUS 61401234567

For any further clarifications  or support request, please create support ticket